The Phalsund area and landscap & devicot also have good landscap but more intresting and guest will be more happy in Phalsund area because there only sand dunes up to 80 km. from Phalsund to baitu no rocky area no plan field no electercity in the small villages all houses made by mud and cow dunck(Called jhopda) no big house is there only mud house. People still unknown about whiteskin (foreners) and you can use your bus or tempo or car.every vichicle can near by the night camp half km. from camp by graval road,and will provide vichicle staff lunch dinner breakfast.your vichicle will be That will be cheeper for you,(benifit). There are wo ittenararies to the difrents rates becouse devicot area is onlu 60km far from jaisalmer and Phalsund is 170km. from jaisalmer.for Phalsund have to make all the arrengement before one day of tracking have to send jeeps with staff, tents and bed stuff ,toilet tent,kichten tent, and Bar we will provide the guest every day fresh hot lunch and dinner also fresh,Bar will be open 1hrs before lunch.and the guest can take minral water from bar before tracking start All the Drinks will be on the extra cost.

And will provide to the GROUP or F I T FOOD (MEAL).

  • Soup
  • One nonveg
  • Three vegitabls
  • Dal
  • Rice
  • Chapati
  • Sweet
  • Tea and Coffe

Everyday will provide fresh fruits in beakfast with omlet bred with butter JAM.

Evening snacks when group or FIT arrival to the camp
1.Onain or Pateto pakoda
2.Banana pakoda


  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Wiscky
  • Wines ( WHITE OR RED)
  • Gin,Tonic
  • Minral Water (AQUA FINA , KINLAY)
  • Tea and Coffe


Desert Sky Tours

Ittenarary for one night & two days towerd to badmer road very nice land scape.
Note: 60km. Far from Jaisalmer.
The Tracking will be before lunch 10 to 11 km.4.30hrs jaisalmer after lunch 9 to 10 km. up to the night camp 4hrs.
Start from jaisalmer after breakfast at 8.30 AM by bus or tempo.
1) Jaisalmer to divicot 30km. tracking will start from after divicot.
2) Divicot to ker Fhakir ki dhani (5km.)
3) Ker Fhakir ki dhani to muslim village (3km.)
4) Muslim village to Meghwalo ki dhani 4km.frist day hot lunch at meghwalo ki dhani after lunch trekking will start.
5) Meghwalo ki dhani to Bhilo ki dhani (5km.)
6) Bhilo ki dhani to kita village (5km.)
7) Kita village to kita dunes first over night at kita dunes (2km.)
8) Day second kita dunes to kalbelio ki dhani  snack charmers( 5km.)
9) Kal belio ki dhani to traditional rajput village (5km.)
10) Second day lunch at rajput village. After lunch back to jaisalmer by bus or tempo (10km.) jaisalmer .

Ittenarary for two night & three days towerds to badmer
Note: 60km.Far from Jaisalmer.
The Tracking will be before lunch 10 to 11 km. 4.30hrs jaisalmer after lunch 9 to 10 km up to the night camp 4 hrs.

Day frist
1) Jaisalmer to devicot
2) Devicot to rama  35 km. jaisalmer to rama tracking will start from rama village.
3) Rama to village koda 10km. between rama to koda tree small dhanis on the way befor lunch.
4) Hot lunch at village koda
5) Koda to sanger 10km. first over night village sanger dunes.

Day second
6)    Sanger to dangari (6km.)
7) Dangari to Jato ki dhani lunch at jato ki dhani (4km.)
8) Jato ki dhani to lakhmana village 10km  second over night lakhmana dunes

Day third
9)     Lakhmana to Mohmad ki dhani (4km.)
10)   Lakhmana ki dhani to chor (4km.)

Lunch at chor after lunch back to jaisalmer by bus or tempo (15km.) from chor.